[Development] New Qt5.4 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Mon Oct 27 11:41:41 CET 2014

Hi all,

New Qt5.4 snapshot available

Windows: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-27_55/ 
Linux: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-27_57/ 
Mac: http://download.qt-project.org/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.0-beta/2014-10-27_46/ 

In this snapshot old '-angle' packages are now '-opengl dynamic' ones. Also qt5.git is updated after beta

Qt5 changes in this snapshot: 
Patch Set 12:

* qtactiveqt 3536ee0...f91eef8 (2):
> explicitly declare the module master header
> remove unnecessary LICENSE.GPLv2

* qtbase 1b8c5f4...f81e76d (93):
> Allow QtCreator to pass additional args and env vars to the application.
> Fix styled vertical dockwidget title cut off bug and elide text if long
> Q{Sequential,Associative}Iterable: fix const_iterator assignment
> Run VS custom build step in new environment variable scope.
> Adjust the layout if a QGraphicsWidget is explicitly hidden
> Fix uninitialized value warning in QFontEngineFT.
> Fix title font of Vista-style wizards.
> Fix QWidget::mapTo/FromGlobal() when embedded in QGraphicsView.
> Cocoa: Fix icon size calculation for system tray.
> Cocoa: Delay QMimeData requests for DnD events.
> XCB: Dont trigger less specific shortcuts
> Further limit the sparse file testing on OS X
> Revert "Cocoa: Send obscure events on OcclusionStateHidden"
> qmake vcxproj generator: write PrimaryOutputExtension value
> QNetworkDiskCache: Fix QNetworkDiskCache dont handle to set CookieHeader.
> Doc: Fix obsoleteness of some QStyle::PixelMetric enum items
> Windows: Initialize the mouse cursor resources
> Windows XP style: Fix size calculation of QScrollBars grip.
> Doc: Improved explanation of quality setting in QImageReader/Writer
> Improve QLoggingCategorys detailed description.
> Windows: QWindowsPrintDevice::printableMargins avoids leaking the DC
> Improve iOS https error handling.
> Windows native socket: handle WSAENETRESET the same as WSAECONNRESET
> Avoid adding empty parent icon theme
> Document QOpenGLPixelTransferOptions
> Fix badly laid out docs for AA_UseHighDpiPixmaps
> Respect contents margins when calculating the size hint
> Respect minimum size of heightForWidth layouts
> OS X: drag and drop and auto-scrolling
> Fix helper function call in QWindowsVistaStyle::pixelMetric().
> Windows: Implement Qt::WA_ShowWithoutActivating.
> Fix height of combo popup when the list view has non-zero spacing.
> eglfs: Do not flush input events when updating the cursor
> QPA: Flush window system events with flags.
> Correctly apply miter limits when stroking lines
> Produce more correct clip path for QGraphicsShapeItem
> OS X: Retina displays and blurry QToolButton
> OS X - unified toolbar and AA_NativeWindows
> OS X - maximize apps window from the Dock or using cmd-tab
> Set correct transient parent in q_createNativeChildrenAndSetParent().
> Add better mobile connections to QtBearer NetworkManager backend.
> update QtBearer NetworkManager backend API
> embed a VERSIONINFO resource into Qt plugins
> Fix ShortcutOverride for QtQuick on OSX
> logging: Fix qCleanupFuncinfo to not mangle Objective-C message names
> Add a hint on application window positioning with QProcess::start
> Doc: add info about letter spacing type to function desc
> Remove unused variable in opengl examples
> Doc: removed unnecessary text
> Always report focusObjectChanged on QWidget::clearFocus()
> Clear specific QWindow::focusObject() on QWindowPrivate::clearFocusObject()
> iOS: Dont auto-activate popup windows unless they are standalone
> iOS: Remove unused and duplicated functions from QIOSWindow
> iOS: Fade out statusbar when scrolling view due to VKB
> iOS: Move UIView helpers to once place
> Remove old Trolltech feature string from QXmlSimpleReader docs
> transient window manual test: set window type to Dialog
> Android: deadlock avoidance
> Delay showing keyboard until application is active
> Correct QPainter::clipPath() documentation.
> Remove QOpenGLContextPrivate::globalShareContext
> Fix QOpenGLWindow tests when devicePixelRatio != 1
> tst_QPointer: fix memleak
> QEasingCurve: fix mem leak in operator>>
> tst_QState: fix memleaks
> tst_QThreadPool: fix memleak
> tst_QSharedPointer: fix memleak
> tst_QMetaType: fix memleaks
> tst_QMimeData: test doesnt require QGuiApplication
> qdatetime.h: include correct header
> Android: Update Ministros requirements.
> Widgets: only update IM if the widget is the current focus object
> Add qHash(QSslError) overload
> Add qHash(QSslCertificate) overload
> QSizePolicy: remind to mark as Q_PRIMITIVE_TYPE in Qt 6
> iOS: ensure we have a valid focusObject before sending it IM events
> iOS: ignore sender of actions for edit menu
> CoreText font database: Use dynamic type on iOS to resolve theme fonts
> iOS: ensure edit menu works on iOS6
> OS X: Emit QClipboard::dataChanged when activating application
> Bump default deployment target to 10.7
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> QMacStyle: Fix QSlider appearance on Yosemite
> QMacStyle: Add optional block parameter to drawNSViewInRect()
> Fix use-after-delete bug in tst_QWidget::taskQTBUG_27643_enterEvents()
> Make font hinting and antialiasing size dependent when using FontConfig
> Fix QAbstractListModels detailed description.
> Android: Improve cache logic in findClass()
> Move Qt Core examples under a common subdirectory
> Fix undefined behavior in QLoggingRegistry::defaultCategoryFilter()
> XCB: Always set X window attributes in QXcbWindow::setWindowFlags().
> Export QFSFileEngine symbols
> QSettings: Prevent assert when passing empty keys.

* qtdeclarative d767254...e2764c7 (21):
> Screen attached property: expose devicePixelRatio property
> Fix non-compiling QtQml code snippet
> Add high dpi support to QQuickFramebufferObject
> Reduce memory pressure on the JS stack during garbage collection
> Fix line ending for test file
> Add note to QQuickItem docs about directly setting properties in C++.
> Fix a PIDLIST_ABSOLUTE leak in QQmlEngine on Windows
> Fix disfunctional QQuickRenderControl with multiple screens
> Add \since 5.4 to FontMetrics and TextMetrics.
> Support Accessible.ignored on non-leaf items
> Check list property before component when validating bindings
> Fix a bug in implementation of Accessible.ignored
> QQuickCustomParticle: Check for current OpenGL Context before use
> QQuickSpriteEngine do not use OpenGL without checking for GLContext
> Dont assume there is only one toplevel item.
> Improve hit testing so that it works better with ignored items
> Fix failing makeCurrent in basic renderloop when closing windows
> qmlstatemachine: Rename StateBase to State
> Tweak new animation driver.
> Make test more robust against ignored children.
> Fix tst_qquickpositioners on OS X

* qtdoc 46c6fa7...7366ecd (3):
> Doc: Added information about WebSockets in connectivity article.
> Doc: Added information about WebEngine and WebChannel in "web" topic.
> Doc: Fixed links to Qt Multimedias "Multimedia" overview.

* qtlocation eebf55a...4aa90d7 (1):
> Ensure that rounding errors are considered by QGeoCircle::contains

* qtmultimedia e128207...b366a99 (1):
> Android: Use the new findClass() method.

* qtqa fd2e05c...a43c777 (1):
> Added new parameters for packaging Jenkins

* qtquick1 61df130...7bb7345 (1):
> tests: tst_qdeclarativelanguage: fix filesystem case sensitivity

* qtquickcontrols e76f811...11ff483 (10):
> TableViewStyle: Fix and document styleData.hasActiveFocus property
> CustomDialogs example: add Apply, Reset and Restore Defaults buttons
> use private __maximumDimension in DefaultDialogWrapper
> TableView: Raise focused and selected rows
> SpinBox: hide VKB when appropriate
> Dialog examples: handle keys for accept, and more feedback
> Tidy up TableView delegate documentation.
> Fix TextField & TextArea mouse cursor shape
> TextArea: ensure selection handles are visible when inside the flickable
> QtQuick.Dialogs.ColorDialog: size is sane on iOS

* qtrepotools acde1d3...bd38f7b (17):
> nuke pointless intermediate
> fix the WS-only complaints all going into the last file
> avoid pointless reports about tabs in trailing whitespace
> Add mergetool option to merge script
> add gerrit REST output mode
> add more line number information to commit message related complaints
> rework complaint reporting
> add line number information to more diff-related complaints
> introduce and use complain_ln()
> refactor spell check reporting
> fix spacing and capitalization
> nuke redundant ws_files variable
> fix use of prototypes
> remove pointless parameter to check_apple_terminology()
> exclude .qmltypes files from generated file check
> exclude plist files from the eol-at-eof check
> add hint about modifying files considered as being at risk

* qtsvg 9f1c31c...aaa06d6 (2):
> Correctly handle Miter joins in all cases
> Dont stroke a path if its not specified in the SVG

* qttools dff9a4c...dac2cd7 (2):
> windeployqt: Add missing include.
> Assistant: prevent the main window from jumping during startup

* qtwayland c3d2a7b...806ada3 (4):
> Update .gitignore after wayland examples move
> Gracefully fallback when xkb context creation fails
> Fix fd leak in case of ftruncate() failure in qwlkeyboard
> Fix crash when cursor theme can not be loaded

* qtwebchannel d9845c2...86d77a9 (3):
> Remove obsolete conversion work-around.
> Never manually connect to the destroyed signal of any object.
> Minor optimization: Do not send list of empty enums.

* qtwebengine 14fcf0d...caab672 (1):
> Enable build on all supported linux platforms.

* qtwebkit 7778f88...119e109 (3):
> Do not schedule navigation to invalid URL
> [Windows] Also check for QApplication::style when animating buttons.
> Pop pack pragma on x86 QNX

Patch Set 1:

* qtactiveqt 21b122f...3536ee0 (2):
> Do not use QVersionNumber in webbrowser example.
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtandroidextras 8290257...b375ba5 (1):
> Update Qt icon used in the example

* qtbase e3bfd9b...1b8c5f4 (19):
> xcb: Fix a type of variables for xkb modifiers masks
> Accessibility Linux: Make a full copy of a key event
> Reduce code duplication in QFontconfigDatabase
> xcb: Dont return 0 as a possible key for a shortcut
> Avoid breaking BC with new virtuals in QOpenGLPaintDevice
> QWindowsGuiEventDispatcher: Register timers in constructor.
> QTestLib: Remove valgrind version check.
> qdoc: Fixed recursion of \sincelist command handling
> Consolidate how contentDescription is calculated.
> Avoid sleeping 100ms in QProcessPrivate::drainOutputPipes()
> Prevent recursive update events when calling QToolButton::setMenu()
> Cocoa: Send obscure events on OcclusionStateHidden
> Fix QOpenGLWidget on Cocoa when used as viewport
> Make QStringRef::right() consistent with QString::right()
> qplatformmenu: remove unused and deprecated function
> osx: let qcombobox specify target rect when showing popup
> Update QOffscreenSurface docs regarding threads
> QTableGenerator: replace a call to a member function with direct element access
> Doc: Update description of QKeyEvent class

* qtconnectivity 0a3b017...4a6d4e8 (5):
> Add QBluetoothDeviceInfo::UnknownCoreConfiguration enum value
> Improve QBluetoothTransferManager documentation
> Catch segfault when passing 0 to QBluetoothTransferManager::put()
> Fix QBluetoothSocket unit test failures on Android
> Fix QBluetoothSocket::isReadable()/isOpen()/isWritable()

* qtdeclarative 099ae05...d767254 (3):
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> examples/quick/positioners: Colors changed and layout obeys screen resolution
> Correct KeyEvent::key documentation.

* qtdoc e65928a...46c6fa7 (7):
> Doc: Updated logos on the landing page
> Android: Add note about loading order when overriding deployment
> Doc: Updated the information about OpenSSL support
> Doc: Enabled linking to Qt WebEngine Widgets.
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4
> Doc: Integrated Qt 5.4 features wiki into Whats New in Qt 5.4 page.
> Doc: update scalability information

* qtenginio bfb460f...f8ad37d (1):
> Update sync.profile

* qtimageformats 08f40bc...fef13b3 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtlocation bbb2aa8...eebf55a (1):
> Fix QGeoCoordinate::toString() when rounding long/lat corner cases

* qtmultimedia ca94dc7...e128207 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtqa 1a1212f...fd2e05c (1):
> Fixed compatibility issues with perl >= 5.18

* qtquick1 af503cb...61df130 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtquickcontrols 045c1c9...e76f811 (17):
> BasicButton: handle mnemonics
> Android style: hide mnemonics
> AbstractCheckable: handle mnemonic
> Base style: stylize mnemonics
> Menu: fix key navigation on Windows
> dialogs: let QtQuick.Dialogs depend on QtQuick.Dialogs.Private
> Dialogs: all QML dialogs must have the Qt::Dialog window type
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> Fix popup menu position for QQuickWidget
> iOS style: import private to get ToolButtonStyle
> MenuStyle: fix a typo that prevented mnemonics showing up
> Revert "QQuickPopupWindow: dont create 1x1 windows"
> qquickrangemodel: dont emit signals before component is completed
> Custom filled dialog example: handle back button to close
> Dialogs: added private maximumDimension property for initial size
> Dialogs: if implicitHeight becomes smaller, ensure the minimum does too
> Android: check the minimum required SDK version (11)

* qtrepotools 2c2b3aa...acde1d3 (1):
> Fix submodule merge script

* qtscript db84d17...9871b41 (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtserialport 14fe584...3bb682e (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qtsvg 2f0fabd...9f1c31c (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4

* qttools 8f03d0b...dff9a4c (5):
> Assistant: Make "Bookmarks Menu" the default bookmarks folder
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> uic: dont use QStringLiteral in comparisons
> generate_ui: adapt to upstream change in qtbase
> Assistant: Fix index updating on startup in the remote control mode

* qtwayland 5558b42...c3d2a7b (2):
> Fix -no-opengl builds
> Be compatible with older compositors

* qtwebchannel e8c280a...d9845c2 (1):
> Added some more examples

* qtwebengine d44b90f...14fcf0d (12):
> Disable geolocation
> Look for the NINJA_PATH env var and prefer that over the bootstrapped ninja
> Allow building on boot2qt.
> Add plugins.qmltypes for WebEngine API
> Include QMAKE_CC when extracting C compiler flags
> Fix ARM NEON detection for -mfpu=neon-vfpv4
> Fix up coding style in GetNavigationErrorStrings
> Add setting ErrorPageEnabled
> Disable Desktop Notifications.
> Use the shared waitForSignal method in QQuickWebEngineViewGraphics test
> Import QQuickWebEngineView API test
> Fix localization on OS X

* qtwebkit 2b23baa...7778f88 (16):
> Remove QtScript includes
> Fix Qt 5.3 backward compatible build
> Blacklist libkpartsplugin
> StylePendingImage needs to correctly manage the CSSValue pointer lifetime
> Fix android compile.
> Fix LLInt vector offsets on Windows 64
> Crash in WebCore::BidiResolver<WebCore::InlineIterator, WebCore::BidiRun>::createBidiRunsForLine
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.3 into 5.4" into refs/staging/5.4
> Crash in HTMLMediaElement::contextDestroyed
> Get rid of old harmattan workaround hurting Qt on ARM
> Check for ICU at configure time the same way we add it later
> Do not use JIT on big endian architectures
> Fix CLoop on big-endian machines
> Fix crash when a network-request is aborted while forwarding data
> Load flags used by Qt modules when compile testing for a module
> Do not let TexureMapper create backing stores that are too large

* qtwebsockets f617556...0854eda (2):
> Also forward the bytesWritten(qint64) signal
> Update the plugins.qmltypes meta data.

Best regards,
Jani Heikkinen
Release Manager | The Qt Company

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