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>> We are happy to share the results of our work on cross-platform high-DPI
>> scaling in Qt, which is planned for Qt 5.6. It is now at a stage where it
>> can be tested by others. You can get the code from our branch in qtbase:
>> wip/highdpi. The branch is open for business, and contributions are
>> welcome. We also have a IRC channel: #qt-highdpi on Freenode. There will
>> also be a session in the Qt Contributors’ Summit this weekend. :)
> I'd like to know if this actually made it in for Qt 5.6. I can't find any
> evidence that it did, but I might not be looking in the right place. If it
> did make it in, is there any official documentation of these changes?
> The changes made it into 5.6. I'm pretty sure documentation will be in
> place for the release :)
Thanks. That's great news.

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