[Development] Please do not remove QtWebkit from 5.6 official binaries

Mark De Wit mark.dewit at iesve.com
Thu Dec 3 14:37:33 CET 2015

Thanks for all the feedback everyone.

We are excited about the 5.6 release because we are looking closely at the new Qt3D module, as well as migrating to VS 2015.  Sadly, PDF export of HTML content is a critical feature for our product (in general I'm happy to move to WebEngine, but we cannot remove output functionality from our software).

Building from source would be an option, I guess.  We have done it in the past, but the build process / flags (for distribution) is not sufficiently well documented, and starting with 5.5.1 we were excited to be able to use official binaries.

Kind regards,

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Hi Mark,

If you need to use Qt Webkit, then it is probably better to stay with Qt 5.5. There is nothing that makes Qt 5.5 bad overnight, if it works for you now. Qt WebEngine is in many aspects already much better in features than Qt Webkit. Qt WebEngine is also better maintained, and does receive much more improvements and security fixes than Qt Webkit. Even though some features of Qt WebKit are not in same way available with Qt WebEngine, it is overall a better choice. Qt Webkit is removed from Qt 5.6 because it is no longer maintained well enough to be part of an official Qt release. We are also not developing and testing it to work with Qt 5.6.



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Hi all,

QtWebEngine does not yet have feature parity with QtWebkit.  For instance, print support (especially export to PDF) is a critical requirement for my use of Webkit.  This missing feature prevents me from migrating to WebEngine.

Removing webkit from the official distribution will prevent me (and surely others) from upgrading to 5.6.

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