[Development] Qt 5.7 feature freeze postponed, new date to be agreed

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I was looking around for "Coin CI" information on google.

Can you provide links and additional insight into this CI?

We have a thread on the interest list related to CI.


On 12/9/2015 9:58 AM, Turunen Tuukka wrote:
> Hi,
> 15th Jan sounds good to me as the new FF time for Qt 5.7. The idea is 
> to have the currently TP modules (at least many of them) supported 
> with Qt 5.7 and also to drop the non-C++11 compilers as already 
> discussed, agreed and implemented for dev. Therefore the content of Qt 
> 5.7 is to a large extent already shaping up and in case someone has 
> new features just starting, these are probably better to aim towards 
> Qt 5.8. I really would like us the finally get to the desired April & 
> October release cycle during 2016 with the new Coin CI. Even though 
> moving Qt 5.7 FF to 15^th Jan means the final being in May instead of 
> April, I think it is something we can accept.
> Yours,
>                           Tuukka
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> Hi all,
> According to original plans we should have Qt 5.7 FF next Friday (18th 
> Dec). But we are still fighting to get Qt 5.6 (beta) out so there is 
> no point to start freezing Qt 5.7 yet. We discussed about that 
> yesterday's release team meeting & agreed to start discussion in ML 
> about the issue. Ideally we should wait Qt 5.6.0 RC before start 
> freezing Qt 5.7. But waiting Qt 5.6.0 RC might cause unnecessary delay 
> for Qt 5.7 as well and I don't want to postpone 5.7 so much. That's 
> why I propose 15th Jan 2016 for new feature freeze date for Qt 5.7. It 
> should be quite near Qt 5.6.0 RC (if we managed to get Qt 5.6.0 out 
> during next week as planned).
> br,
> Jani
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