[Development] Qt 5.7 feature freeze postponed, new date to be agreed

Turunen Tuukka tuukka.turunen at theqtcompany.com
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15th Jan sounds good to me as the new FF time for Qt 5.7. The idea is to have the currently TP modules (at least many of them) supported with Qt 5.7 and also to drop the non-C++11 compilers as already discussed, agreed and implemented for dev. Therefore the content of Qt 5.7 is to a large extent already shaping up and in case someone has new features just starting, these are probably better to aim towards Qt 5.8. I really would like us the finally get to the desired April & October release cycle during 2016 with the new Coin CI. Even though moving Qt 5.7 FF to 15th Jan means the final being in May instead of April, I think it is something we can accept.



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Hi all,

According to original plans we should have Qt 5.7 FF next Friday (18th Dec). But we are still fighting to get Qt 5.6 (beta) out so there is no point to start freezing Qt 5.7 yet. We discussed about that yesterday's release team meeting & agreed to start discussion in ML about the issue. Ideally we should wait Qt 5.6.0 RC before start freezing Qt 5.7. But waiting Qt 5.6.0 RC might cause unnecessary delay for Qt 5.7 as well and I don't want to postpone 5.7 so much. That's why I propose 15th Jan 2016 for new feature freeze date for Qt 5.7. It should be quite near Qt 5.6.0 RC (if we managed to get Qt 5.6.0 out during next week as planned).

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