[Development] New Qt 5.6.0 Beta candidate packages available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Wed Dec 16 14:26:42 CET 2015

Hi all,

Unfortunately we found new blocker (QTBUG-49886) from previous packages. Fixes for it is now in new packages:

Windows: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/292/

Linux: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/295/

Mac: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/229/

Src: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/latest_src/

Please test these packages to see if these are now proper beta quality. We will release these packages as Qt 5.6.0 beta at the end of this week/beginning of next one if nothing serious found during testing.

Qt5 changes since previous packages:


Patch Set 3:

qt/qtconnectivity 2402bb9421ab8ba4479b7a4e9566b682146f70ff..cd81e43c26ea998aa009ea452e5723059ded8595:
> Bluetooth: Documentation fix.
> qlowenergycontroller_osx - move delegate to the qt_LE_queue

qt/qtwebengine 1c09b16ebb88737682a5cd6ddc58f6d360b635af..d239b60313f798cf75a4e34a768d9f4a1fc8f92a:
> Stabilize test_urlProperty
> Fix namespaced build of demobrowser
> Make QQuickWebEngineProfile public
> Build qmltests only if QML testsupport API is available
> Fix some syncqt warnings
> Fix path issues tst_QQuickWebEngineView
> Update tests/auto/quick/publicapi
> Remove explicit version \inqmlmodule
> Add changes file
> Update Chromium
> Make use of QObject's d-pointer in QWebEngineCookieStore
> Stabilize tst_QWebEnginePage::getUserMediaRequest
> Stabilize tst_download.qml
> Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/5.5' into 5.6

qt/qtxmlpatterns ee56885f52b63132bffafad1ccc8830a65d129fa..8ba610490e2d93526c165584e2f52c7ae8e9edc0:
> Change uses of toAscii to toLatin1

qt/qt3d 94f3df1aacab5853d09e79596eb3bdae3aecae0a..dc6e9d02ac1a9030308f2cdf11f96d4d3612fd6d:
> Remove initialize/shutdown from API
> Make the p-impl really private
> Move initNodeTree to the p-impl
> Turn all services private for now
> QTransform: Add convenience properties for Euler angle rotations
> Rename Q3D*Event to Q*Event and handle namespace
> Move all raycasting code as private in Qt3DRender
> Bring the GLSL 1.00 fallback shader up-to-date
> Reduce specular reflectivity defaults
> Do lighting calculation in world space
> Register QAxisSetting as QML type
> Use lists of ints for axes on axis settings

qt/qtwayland 4d3c3a08eba8d30805f18397c98e19ab9fd40722..f51de354b14d5a25d7e32debe0d56b9fbed67a4f:
> Revert "Don't invalidate textures when the scene graph is stopped."

qt/qtbase 3414be909df60fa8a726c692b2a93f6b36a9c474..adb914f4b9b723099824fd51a09a9b30bed4ec6c:
> QtNetwork: Standardize error message about IPv6 addresses for nameservers.
> xcb: Don't try to detect cases where the WM restricts geometry changes
> winrt: Avoid blocking for the first processEvents run
> remove visual studio specific argument
> Fix compilation for WinRT
> Don't detach the color table vector
> QFileSystemModel: report special files which are not symlinks
> QWindowsBackingStore::flush(): Add warning for UpdateLayeredWindowIndirect() failures.
> QFileSystemModel autotest: fix a broken sort() test
> Remove iOS workaround for pixman drawhelpers
> QLineEdit: a validator fixup() should keep it modified; add failing test
> iOS: Enable non-pixman NEON drawhelpers for both 32 and 64-bit
> xcb: Use a placeholder QScreen when there are no outputs connected
> xcb: Don't cache the screen for a window
> Don't ignore first character after a string.
> winrt: Readd parameters to the pid-file's CreateFile2 call
> QWidgetBackingStore::markDirty(): Clamp dirty region to window size.
> winrt: Use Windows 10 features when available
> automatically put TESTDATA into RESOURCES on android/ios/winrt
> QJsonObject::(const_)iterator: add pointer typedef
> Fix broken QIOSContext setup due to missing 0-initialization of EAGLContext
> QFileDialog test: make the right subwidget visible
> xcb: compare to previous state when sending geometry and expose events
> XCB: prevent a fp division by zero
> QFileSystemModel: do not unwatch directories if removal fails
> QPlatformTheme: added TabButtonFont and GroupBoxTitleFont
> configureapp: Print FontConfig in "Third Party Libraries" section
> configureapp: Add missing empty line between paragraphs
> Fix swapped descriptions for [-no]-optimized-tools
> Register QPA Menu, Dialog & SysTray enums & flags
> Doc: Online style: CSS fixes for image alignment
> Clarify what time-zone "transitions" are.
> winrt: Store exit code in pid file
> QProcessPrivate::startProcess - fix invalid encodedProgramName (OS X)
> Add generic g++ spec for arm devices.
> Use CROSS_COMPILE when setting PKG_CONFIG.
> Check for any existing file in XCOMPOSEFILE.
> Doc: Online template: dynamically load footer content
> Standarddialogs example: Adapt layout for fullscreen platforms.
> fortuneserver/fortuneclient: Fix layout for WinRT.
> Fix debug operator for QRegion.
> Fix URL to "The Microsoft Windows User Experience".

qt/qtqa b8a34de3134ef24a8ad4937bc48365b0635e4431..0ff6cfc355378efdab53ea54fb493de22f1e950b:
> Read license check exclude rules from files

qt/qttools 83a197e1d73d855360fd45d2172ba09bfc127f62..58d1304edb82a0a17ee39d259e56b930ca35ffcc:
> winrtrunner: Fix warning about unused variable.
> lupdate: mention location type guessing in help output
> tst_lupdate: Add a call to QProcess::waitForStarted().
> qdoc: Add support for listing all examples from all modules
> Haiku: Fix compilation of Qt Designer

qt/qtquickcontrols2 f2f9786e6194725bf48ee3833b1fdf9603b74e69..d4df163af0609340f8b4c006ee18daaff563053d:
> Universal: fix Pane background
> Fix ScrollBar & ScrollIndicator for the new Gallery
> Make QQuickStyleSelector case-insensitive
> Remove QQuickStyleSelector::instance()
> Popup: rename show()/hide() to open()/close()
> Material style: read theme, accent & primary from qtlabscontrols.conf
> Universal style: read theme & accent from qtlabscontrols.conf
> Read preferred style from qtlabscontrols.conf
> Add QQuickStyle::settings()
> Docs: move "Differences between Qt Quick Controls" on its own page
> tst_activeFocusOnTab: remove unnecessary layouts dependency
> Universal ComboBox: visualize key & mouse focus differently
> Universal: focus rectangle
> Add QQuickControl::focusReason
> AppWindow docs: fix \L -> \l
> Cleanup duplicate ApplicationWindow::activeFocusControl docs
> Add missing TextArea::pressAndHold() docs
> testbench: fix TextArea placeholder text
> Fix QQuickComboBox::focusOutEvent()
> Pane: don't let presses leak through
> Add ApplicationWindow::activeFocusControl
> Register also "unstyled" controls to the Qt.labs.controls namespace
> Use TabButtonFont and GroupBoxTitleFont from QPlatformTheme
> Move ApplicationHelper to visualtestutil.h and rename it
> Docs: ApplicationWindow
> Introduce Pane
> Rename Panel to Popup
> StackView: fix property initialization
> Remove Control::layoutDirection
> Docs: Material style
> GroupBox: add an example of a checkable groupbox

qt/qtwebview ba4302894ecc511228b010ec49b9f865ea6ebe5a..7b6d9a4cba8a4470ee346de40f6f4855fc2b2854:
> Android: Explicitly tear-down the Native WebView.

qt/qtlocation fda281b81730d0d41af09170e732b3d70c4cfff1..d75c0469c05809a4c6ff85a4c78784b397cbfcc0:
> Added methods for modifying QDeclarativePolylineMapItem.
> Fix static build

qt/qtserialport 5641fd99e3c61291cf5562b5083e93678c5d6ab4..bd3fb6cc346b3bdbb7a05131b912d450490fa5c8:
> Do not use settingFromBaudRate() on Windows
> Use C-style tokens array for query of device name from registry
> Use the C-style array of GUID tokens
> Use pre-defined class/interface devices GUIDs

qt/qtdeclarative 177050862e644f9a279086b703cb04e06ea409b8..5f96bc07389382d534934120301c2d1a89d24657:
> qmlplugindump: add manual tests.

qt/qtmultimedia 5916caae7a043da4c5547725cccbbeb10d18e1f5..82e135167a5d24f600f006480b78a59511ae5cb3:
> Change the way a playlist is bound to a media object.
> Blacklist qmediaplayerbackend tests in OSX 10.11
> Blacklist qaudiodecoderbackend tests in OSX 10.11
> GStreamer: Add color balance and sharpening adjustments using V4L2
> DirectShow: Get current image processing parameter from the cache
> DirectShow: Add WhiteBalancePreset and ColorTemperature for the camera
> GStreamer: Adjust the camera's manual color temperature through V4L2

qt/qtdoc 5f996b5e8abad7379a43a1e6158c228081a2e86d..91ca24d0484ba1166fbd31e7f444346f65e5637b:
> Doc: Add a page listing all Qt examples


Patch Set 2:

qt/qtwebengine 991e32f2fae311f32791df90d8e531e1cbd23c2f..1c09b16ebb88737682a5cd6ddc58f6d360b635af:
> Update Chromium SHA1
> enable tests/auto/widgets
> stabilize tst_qwebenginepage some more
> Make the MIME-type of downloads available
> Quick: Close WebUI popups properly
> Fix unclosable tabs in demobrowser
> Add margin to downloadmanageritem ui

qt/qtlocation e70502b14a6b78067c18a4645570c077453c34ea..fda281b81730d0d41af09170e732b3d70c4cfff1:
> WinRT: Refactor backend

qt/qtquickcontrols a3ba1a532f92a933141d4671ce644053a0cb6fea..80cde7c7ca22511494ae6d32b2023fb1e92ede4d:
> Moved menuBar function from QQuickMenuPopupWindow to QQuickmenu
> Fixed missing close of the ComboBox when clicking on it

qt/qtimageformats 531c30ea66d2b8fe517c89bed149a938e16332ec..6730d70f001c9492d32a6a8e95c304a52d7ddc35:
> Bundled libtiff updated to version 4.0.6
> libwebp: update patches to 0.4.4 for Qt usage
> libwebp: update to 0.4.4

qt/qtgraphicaleffects 59699c9322b3861e3d0251dfd40a65d0f03c76d4..3f240169388d2f3090cd5730e03df8d8ab670510:
> Fix SourceProxy's method for determining when to activate.

qt/qtbase dae77465d1a96d7a6c4fd21e9cd92dc11d5ff68b..3414be909df60fa8a726c692b2a93f6b36a9c474:
> Fix QAction::menuRole() documentation
> Fix QAction MenuRole documentation
> Reduce flushes with repaint() when GL-based compositing is active
> Doc: Circumvented qdoc parsing by removing '!'
> Doc: do not claim that SUBDIRS.depends is only available for Makefiles
> doc: fix the shortcut for QListWidget::itemActivated
> Align signature with generic native socket engine
> iOS: filter edit menu actions depending on selection state
> iOS: support edit action 'select'
> QFileDialog: Call reject() on Key_Escape even when itemview has focus
> Favor OpenGLES 3 on iOS if available
> QWinRTFontDatabase: Add "Arial" as alias for "Helvetica".
> QString: where possible, re-use existing capacity in op(QChar/QL1S)
> Win: Use native separators in QLibrary errors
> Teach qmake's #include parser to recognize C++11 Raw strings.
> Remove Wow6432Node versions of Visual Studio registry keys
> syncqt.pl: say "ERROR" when it's an error
> QNetworkInterface: fix support for address labels on Linux interfaces
> Fix constructing a QSharedPointer<const> of a QEnableSharedFromThis type
> QVariant: retain duplicate keys when converting
> QPlatformWindow::initialGeometry(): Pass screen when scaling.
> Doc: Add the missing styles to get multi-column classes list
> WinRT: Prepend '.' to default file suffix.
> Add QStyleHints::showIsMaximized().
> Don't treat "/etc/localtime" in TZ env var as a valid timezone id
> Optimize qt_findAtNxFile by reducing the amount of allocations
> Android: Implement QInputMethod::keyboardRectangle
> Android: Fix QInputMethod's visible property
> WinRT: Set TemporaryError in QNativeSocketEngine::accept() when no connections are pending.
> Q_UNIMPLEMENTED: remove explicit file, line and funcinfo information
> Initialize function tables without QGuiApplication
> Remove additional copyright notice
> Fix typo in QObject::disconnect() documentation

qt/qtquickcontrols2 c930f4adf8dd0829c4d3a00d48b70ca988721033..f2f9786e6194725bf48ee3833b1fdf9603b74e69:
> Round expected event coordinates in Button's events test
> Print out actual and expected events in Button's events test
> Fix some issues with GifRecorder
> Add Control::locale

qt/qt3d f6ff4023e42bec8cfe088f27c17f7d309f0a9003..94f3df1aacab5853d09e79596eb3bdae3aecae0a:
> Add support for spotlights
> Fix Rendering to Scene3D on Raspberry Pi (maybe other ES2 devices)
> Added parameters to signals and made setters Q_SLOTS
> Make QFrameAllocator private
> Update simple-qml to use correct time delta
> Pass frame time delta through to the logic component frame update
> Add sensitivity property to QMouseController
> simple-qml: CameraController implementation using the new Input API
> Quick3D: QMatrix4x4 add translate overload
> MouseController: various fixes
> KeyboardController: fix PageUp position
> Input: fix, event filters can't be registered with the same priority
> Expose QDispatchCompute to QML
> QRenderAspect: register ComputeDispatch backend node
> BackendNode for QComputeDispatch
> Add QDispatchCompute framegraph node
> QMouseController: converted to QAbstractPhysicalDevice

qt/qtconnectivity 0a9d4e32de60f31dac43973037ae7c546fb8cd6a..2402bb9421ab8ba4479b7a4e9566b682146f70ff:
> Fix assignment of wrong errors values in read operations

qt/qtqa 499756938979a9aaca5e378abd06cb6d10ceeb65..b8a34de3134ef24a8ad4937bc48365b0635e4431:
> Revert "Revert "Open up license restrictions""

qt/qtdoc 23d7854f66ce5a37d0ce05a76a2c6350b0f6b81b..5f996b5e8abad7379a43a1e6158c228081a2e86d:
> Doc: QML Performance: Remove mention of non-existent env. variable

qt/qtmultimedia 2b7c617e090f495bbf62c1257c822f5849c21742..5916caae7a043da4c5547725cccbbeb10d18e1f5:
> Doc: Move all doc artifacts under one project

qt/qtdeclarative bb921064b966efdaabc2245cad21c3d852848a22..177050862e644f9a279086b703cb04e06ea409b8:
> Clean up correctly in rendercontrol to avoid crashes
> Particle Turbulence image now reads correctly from QRC or local files
> Turbulence was accidentally deactivated on geometry changed
> Make QQuickWidget update inside a proxy widget
> Correct heightmap values for Turbulence
> QQuickImageBase: Add support for @3x images
> ListView: Sanitize visibleItems list after model insertions
> Flickable: avoid perturbing the timeline further while in overshoot
> Auto-tests for fast model updates while flicking
> QQuickAnimatorJob: store the target with a QPointer
> Add .qmltypes files for built-in QML API

qt/qtactiveqt ac734d1bf343d64d6df93589ce1d8c9a2f7dbe9c..dd0feaa95a4c3e186c18bab16db5552bb8efc2db:
> Fix infinite loop in MIME classinfo parser in ActiveQt

Lähettäjä: Heikkinen Jani
Lähetetty: 10. joulukuuta 2015 13:43
Vastaanottaja: development at qt-project.org
Aihe: Qt 5.6.0 Beta candidate packages available


We have finally Qt 5.6.0 beta candidate packages available:

Mac: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/224/

Linux: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/290/

Windows: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/283/

src: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.6/5.6.0-beta/latest_src/

All known blockers are fixed in these packages so if nothing serious found during testing we will release these package as Qt 5.6.0 beta on Monday so please inform me immediately if you find something badly broken.



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