[Development] Deprecating modules with 5.5

Dr. Nico Wallmeier nw at topsystem.de
Sun Feb 8 13:41:59 CET 2015

>> please keep in mind that in the enterprise environment Windows CE /
>> Windows Embedded Compact is still an important platform!
> I understand that, but to which point?
> Mac OS X 10.6 was also an important platform used by about 10% of the mac 
> users.  Yet, we decided to drop support for it.
> The question is how relevant it will be in 2016? Will there be so many users 
> that really can't upgrade to the next windows, and that are not willing to 
> stay with Qt 5.5? Are those buying enough licenses to compensate for the 
> effort of supporting them.

In the enterprise environment these devices are shipped with a specific
Windows CE / Embedded Compact and stay on this version up to EOL.
Normally it is not possible update these units to newer OS versions
(only patch updates may be available) - the situation there is not
comparable with a desktop environment. Windows Embedded Compact 7 can
still be found e.g. on Motorola devices, which are introduced in the
last year, like the MC3290 or MC9290...

Kind regards,
	Nico Wallmeier

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