[Development] qmake bug 17533

Bo Thorsen bo at vikingsoft.eu
Mon Feb 9 13:34:55 CET 2015

I have been working on trying to fix 

The fix itself is really simple: Remove line 559 of 
qmake/generators/makefiledeps.cpp. But when I tried compiling Qt itself 
with the modified qmake, I got a compile error. The bug is that qmake 
doesn't set main.moc as a dependency in the makefile of the test case. 
The problem I hit in the Qt code was that there now was a different file 
that wasn't set as a dependency.

Does anyone here know this code? It feels like an area where there could 
be dragons buried. So before I spend a lot of quality time with my 
debugger, trying to fix the new problem. The question I have right now 
is if it makes sense to write a more detailed and precise parser of 
C/C++ strings in the dependency generator.

If none of you know the code or this specific area of it, I'll continue 
with the debugging and figure it out.

Bo Thorsen,
Director, Viking Software.

Viking Software
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