[Development] Reproducible Qt ; the purpose of QLibraryInfo::buildDate

Alejandro Exojo suy at badopi.org
Mon Feb 16 08:42:39 CET 2015

El Sunday 15 February 2015, Sune Vuorela escribió:
> On 2015-02-15, Alejandro Exojo <suy at badopi.org> wrote:
> > People might rely on the function in proprietary applications in ways
> > that are impossible to predict.
> Every time we fix a bug, we might introduce regressions for people
> relying on the bugs. That's not a reason for not fixing a bug.

I fail to see how changing QLibraryInfo::buildDate to return a hardcoded 
string instead of the intended build date is fixing a bug. Is obvious that you 
are breaking a feature in order to gain a different one that you think is more 

I could agree with you on this, but not at the cost of breaking a previous 
feature in a minor release of Qt. It worries me a lot to see this kind of 
changes in minor releases. It sets a precedent.

Not only that. I still think that you could have the reproducible builds 
feature without introducing breakage: just fake the date. Hardcode the date 
where you care about the issue, and not for everybody else. I see there is 
something already available on Debian:


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