[Development] New Qt 5.4.1 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Wed Feb 18 06:52:42 CET 2015

Hi all,

We have new Qt 5.4.1 snapshot available:

Windows: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.1/2015-02-17_112/

Linux: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.1/2015-02-17_116/

Mac: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.4/5.4.1/2015-02-17_102/

Please sanitycheck these packages & inform me immediately if there is something broken which prevents us releasing these packages as Qt 5.4.1 release later this week


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