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One thing to note is that the current wiki is not that good in concurrent editing, so it is more than likely that some edits will collide.

When making changes to the new feature list (like any other wiki articles that many are editing), please try to be quick. After you have made the change, please follow that your change does not get lost soon after.


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As you should know branching Qt5.5 from 'dev' is ongoing & Alpha release nearing. So on we should know what new features will be in Qt5.5 and what will be dropped etc. Please fill that information as soon as possible to the 5.5 new features wiki:  http://qt-project.org/wiki/New-Features-in-Qt-5.5

It would be really great to get this list updated already during this week. Alpha is planned to happen during next week and we should have good understanding what is in and what not


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