[Development] "qtLibraryTarget" output changed from Qt 5.3.2 to Qt 5.4.0

William Hallatt goblincoding at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 09:49:21 CET 2015

Good day everyone,

I upgraded from Qt 5.3.2 to Qt 5.4.0 yesterday and suddenly found that my
QML plugin imports no longer worked.  It turned out that the reason for
this is the "qtLibraryTarget" output generation seems to have changed from
Qt5.3.x to Qt 5.4.0 in that it now automatically adds a "5" to any TARGET
value that starts with "Qt"

In other words, in my plugin .pro, I have the following code:


TARGET = QtQmlComponents

QT += qml quick

CONFIG += qt plugin

TARGET = $$qtLibraryTarget($$TARGET)

Which, for 5.3.x gave me "QtQmlComponents.dll" (on Windows obviously), but
for 5.4 now gives me "Qt5QmlComponents.dll".

This broke absolutely everything.

I understand that this is an edge case, but I was wondering if it is
documented anywhere that one should NOT use "Qt" tags when writing plugins
(or for anything else for that matter)?

The way I see it, this is either a bug, or it should be explicitly stated
in the documentation (provided that it isn't somewhere I haven't found)
that one shouldn't do it as this took me hours to resolve.


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