[Development] Qt nameserver change

Hirvonen Olli olli.hirvonen at theqtcompany.com
Fri Feb 27 17:56:34 CET 2015

Tony promised to check during the weekend if something fails. He will disable test that causes problem and proper fix is done next week.

If someone (Thiago) for example knows what test to disable, please do so. Alpha builds are re-started after that. Inform Tony.

A bit of defending: Even this might look last minute unplanned move, it is not. Deadline with earlier service provider just is this weekend. Guys have done their best with resources we have. Several TQtC and Digia IT guys have done excellent job lately with moving several qt-project.org related services to new home.

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On Fri, Feb 27, 2015 at 01:57:41PM +0000, Järvenpää Petri wrote:
> Qt nameservers have been changed to new DNS hosting provider. All
> possible records have been created as they have been before, but some
> non-standard records are missing from the new servers (e.g. PTR-type
> record
> ptr-single.test.qt-project.org<http://ptr-single.test.qt-project.org/>).
> This probably means test concerning PTR records need to be modified
> for the time being, until a more comprehensive solution can be found.

> We are unfortunately out of time to trying to find a provider who
> could do this all.

do we even need a provider for that? can't we tell the new provider to
forward the test zone to a server we configure ourselves?

> Sorry for the inconvenience,
well, awesome. that means that CI is dysfunctional once again.
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