[Development] license question, bds 4 clause license text in qtbase\src\corelib\tools\qdatetime.cpp qt5.4.1 found

Gunnar Roth gunnar.roth at gmx.de
Sat Feb 28 14:31:13 CET 2015

Ok i now finally also found /doc/src/legal/licenses.qdoc which is compiled into qtdoc.qch 

There i can find Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 Daniel M. Duley
Parts of the codecs implemented by Qt ( meaning TextCodecs)
But not for his code used in image scaling.

The thing that i am picking on that all is because i am and will be picked by our legal department.
I am trying since March 2014 to figure things out with Digia ( now Qt Company) , The first of my requests were simply closed after a while with out a reason. Reopened it in June same thing happened then.
The 3rd i started on monday  and in parallel	i wrote to this mailing list and out of a sudden things are getting momentum. So hopefully this burden
will get less and less for me. I am a strong advocate of using commercial qt licensing in  my department, so it was a bit disappointing for me to not get the support i had hoped for initially.

Thanks for reading,
Gunnar Roth.

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