[Development] image format plugins

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Mar 19 21:57:42 CET 2015

On Thursday 19 March 2015 19:30:40 Konstantin Ritt wrote:
> I didn't say we *should* do it. Simply asking for opinions.
> There is no any single .ico file in qtbase (except of ones in
> qicoimageformat auto-test) and we don't support -no-ico/-qt-ico/-plugin-ico
> configure options, which makes it a good candidate.

There are plenty of icons on websites (favicon.ico), which is why the ICO 
engine was placed in Qt in the first place. In addition, there's no third-party 
library required, this is all Qt-based code. I don't see why it should be 
disabled at all.

> There is also just a single .gif file in widgets/movie example, though we
> support -no-gif configure option and widgets/movie example never checks if
> gif format is really supported.
> ^ So why bloating qtbase?

Removing the files will not make the repository smaller. The actual checkout 
size for most people will also be the same, since we're not proposing removing 
from Qt, just moving around.

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