[Development] bug: qmake ignores CMAKE_CC and CMAKE_CXX while building Qt 5.3.2???

René J.V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 23 18:42:01 CET 2015

On Monday March 23 2015 09:33:30 Thiago Macieira wrote:

> Ok. What is the target that was being built? The very first thing? That would 
> be libQtBootstrap.a.

Does it matter what target was being built? As I said in my initial message, Apple gcc-4.2 gets quite far, and then fails. I didn't record with what error on what file of what target. If Qt 5.3.2 is officially supposed to build under OS X 10.6 with the default compiler (gcc) I can have another look, otherwise let's just say it isn't the (most important) issue at hand :)

> Right. If you pass just -platform macx-clang-32, it's not consider cross-
> compiling. It builds host and target for that.

True. But only when you use configure and then make. I know it's confusing to explain, let me try again:

1) This also works:
%> tar -xf qt-everywhere*
%> rm -rf qt-everywhere*/qtwebengine
%> mkdir build ; cd build
%> ../qt-everywhere*/configure -platform macx-clang-32
%> gmake && sudo make install

2) After 1), this fails (or rather, it builds qtwebengine for 64bit):
%> tar -xf qt-everywhere* "qt-everywhere*/qtwebengine"
%> mkdir build ; cd build
%> qmake -spec macx-clang-32 -r ../qt-everywhere*/qtwebengine/qtwebengine.pro
%> make

In fact, qmake behaves as if I never gave that `-spec macx-clang-32`. This is not limited to qtwebengine. The same thing happens with any .pro file in a newly unpacked sourcetree after doing 1), including the ones that worked fine in 1). This makes me believe that I could probably do a complete 32bit build including qtwebengine by now removing it in 1), but I've never tried.

> It's a bug and it probably was never caught because no one compiled on a Mac 
> without C++11 support.
> We will probably not start doing that...

The question is, again, to what extent the 5.3 series are supposed to build on OS X 10.6 ... I was under the impression that they are (were) ...


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