[Development] Future of Qt Quick 1 in Qt 5

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at elpauer.org
Sat May 9 09:31:29 CEST 2015

On Sat, May 9, 2015 at 6:34 AM, Turunen Tuukka <
tuukka.turunen at theqtcompany.com> wrote:

The thing is that since the beginning of Qt 5 we have been constantly
> adding things and not removing the parts that are less used (and
> deprecated). Even though one might think it takes very little effort to
> keep things around, the aggregate effort is significant.
> There are many great new things and improvements we could bring into Qt,
> but now a lot of time goes into keeping old parts afloat. If someone needs
> to use an old module, why not do it with a Qt version that supports it?
> Same goes to platforms and compilers - it is not feasible to properly
> support all upcoming and old versions.
Break backwards compatibility promise, remove hard-to-maintain modules
which have an alternative, introduce some fundamental code changes... It
seems to me Qt 6 is perfectly justified :-?

Pau Garcia i Quiles
(Due to my workload, I may need 10 days to answer)
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