[Development] Future of Qt Quick 1 in Qt 5

Simon Hausmann simon.hausmann at theqtcompany.com
Mon May 11 09:21:52 CEST 2015

On Saturday, May 09, 2015 09:59:18 PM Andre Somers wrote:
> On 8-5-2015 18:47, Hausmann Simon wrote:
> > Hi,
> > 
> > If the public API would allow you to implement what the folks at KDAB did
> > at http://www.kdab.com/creating-pdf-qtquick-2-scene-slideviewer/ ‎, would
> > that help your use case?
> What they basicaly did was reimplement the Quick elements they were
> using, if I understood it right from an earlier time I read that blog,
> and then solve all kinds of issues with rendering that were already
> solved inside Qt itself... So, it comes down to implementing the
> elements of Quick 1 on your own again for the elements you need, or
> something close to it. It is what I called "major work" in my first
> reply. And indeed: I guess doing this requires heavy use of private API.
> So far, QML and Quick are not all that friendly for C++-side extensions...

This doesn't match my understanding of what they have done at all. I 
understand their article as having basically "visited" all items in the scene 
and having had to use private API to access the data so that they can 
implement printing outside of Qt Quick, but still using standard Qt Quick 

But perhaps I misread it. What is your understanding after re-reading it?

> I read about an effort of a different rendering backend for Quick a
> while ago done by Digia at that time that sounded like it could work to
> solve the issue, but that was not freely available to take a look at so
> I don't know for sure it would fit the use case.

In theory it would be a fit - at least in terms of being able to get all the 
right data passed down to the print engine to do high quality text printing.

Anyway, could you elaborate a bit on your printing needs?

Do you need pagination?

How about text flow - do you need to change the line breaking in order for 
your text to appear?

With regards to images: Do you have high-res versions of images available for 
print and lower res images for screen display?

What about the level of detail: Does your print-out contain _exactly_ the same 
content as on the screen or are there more or less details? (I'm thinking 
about borders, transparency, etc.)


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