[Development] iOS, libpcre16, QString::trimmed_helper()

Tim Blechmann tim at klingt.org
Tue May 12 08:36:08 CEST 2015

>>>> I'm attempting to use libQt5Core with self compiled qt5.5 snapshot,
>>>> which is a couple of weeks old.   The link fails, complaining about
>>>> missing libpcre16.
>>>> I believe that is not standard on iOS, at least it does not come up when
>>>> looking for "Other Libs" pcre in XCode.   There does seem to be some
>>>> version of libpcre for OSX.
>>> libpcre is bundled with Qt. Can you check your config.summary for what it
>>> decided to do for PCRE?
>> it is bundled, but not necessarily linked automatically. e.g. qt's cmake
>> integration lacks the usage requirement for libpcre (compare QTBUG-38913)
> Are you trying to use CMake to link to a static build of Qt?


> I don't think anyone has ever tested that combination.

apparently :/

> In order for it to work properly, CMake needs to parse the libQt5Core.prl file 
> to get the full list of libraries that need to be linked to. This is a 
> mandatory step and I don't think it does that.

afaict this should be done when generating the cmake files for qt ...
i'm not familiar really with that toolchain, though ...


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