[Development] New Qt 5.5 snapshot available

Heikkinen Jani jani.heikkinen at theqtcompany.com
Wed May 20 11:15:49 CEST 2015

Hi all,

New Qt 5.5 snapshot available

windows: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.5/5.5.0-beta/2015-05-19_62/
linux: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.5/5.5.0-beta/2015-05-20_89/
mac: http://download.qt.io/snapshots/qt/5.5/5.5.0-beta/2015-05-19_74/

If you have some pending changes for Qt5.5 please put those in '5.5' as soon as possible. But remember: we need to secure the Qt5.5 schedule (https://wiki.qt.io/Qt-5.5-release) so please do not put any risky items in anymore. Let's try to minimize changes for Qt 5.5 & postpone all nice-to have items to the Qt 5.6 instead...



Qt5 changes in this snapshot (after beta release):

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/112023/ :

Patch Set 14:

* qt3d 9b96ee9...4b42d21 (32):
> Unit tests for RenderMesh
> Fix some small typos
> Remove exampleresources library from examples that do not use it.
> Unit tests for RenderMaterial
> Port from Q_ENUMS to new macro Q_ENUM.
> assimp-cpp example added
> Add an example demonstrating inline and in separate file shaders
> anaglyph-3d example
> Renderer: properly merge global stateset with per renderpass stateset
> QCameraLens: allow specify projection with frustrum
> QFrameGraph: small fix
> QSkyboxEntity default added
> Add SkyboxEntity as a QML default
> QViewport: set rect to 0,0,1,1 by default
> AssimpParser: create most appropriate texture material
> FrameGraph: allow the FrameGraph tree to contain any kind of Nodes
> Fix: Allow StateSet to not contain any Qt3D::QRenderState
> Qt3D.Render.RenderStates logging category used to monitor RenderState changes
> RenderShader: protect fragOutput hash with mutex
> Renderer: glDrawBuffers using QRenderTargetSelector drawBuffer
> QRenderTargetSelector: takes list of active drawBuffers
> Added QBlendStateSeparate render state
> RenderView: lookup RenderPassFilter/TechniqueFilter Parameters
> Quick3DTechniqueFilter: list of QParameter
> Quick3DRenderPassFilter: list of QParameter
> QTechniqueFilter: add/remove QParameter
> QRenderPassFilter: add/remove QParameter
> RenderViewJobs: process local Parameters per RenderPass
> Quick3DRenderPass: list of Parameters added
> QRenderPass: add/remove Parameters
> Fix typo in QPhongMaterial
> Fix misoverloaded variantFromJsObject()

* qtbase 1ac1ae0...7d3f353 (49):
> xcb: Fix FP1616 to double conversion
> Reorder member variables to avoid padding.
> Set correct target.path for legacy GL examples
> Better match thin font styles
> Fix division by zero crash when restoring screen settings
> iOS: remove truncation from double to float compiler warning
> Introduce a version number to QPlatformInputContextFactoryInterface.
> Introduce a version number to QPlatformPrinterSupportFactoryInterface.
> Increase version number of QPlatformIntegrationFactoryInterface.
> QPA plugins: Use _iid macros instead of strings in Q_PLUGIN_METADATA.
> moc: Generate qt_static_metacall for creatable-only gadgets
> moc: Fix type for gadgets CreateInstance metacall
> Doc: Added the Qt Multimedia backends wiki link
> Remove QNSView from superview in ~QCocoaWindow()
> Purge default locations from commonly used device makespecs
> QSysInfo: Expand Linux distribution detection
> Tests: Remove tst_QHostInfo::abortHostLookupInDifferentThread() test
> Cocoa integration - implement Qt::WindowModal file dialogs
> Cocoa: Upgrade default surface format to include an alpha channel
> Remove init() function declaration.
> Build qtconnectivity for iOS.
> Consider "assets" scheme as a local file on Android
> Build Qt for OS X and iOS with relative rpath.
> Fix MSVC 64 bit compiler warnings in 3rdparty code
> QQuaternion: optimize op*
> Fix hidden detach
> QQuaternion: Deprecate conjugate() and introduce conjugated()
> Dont assume QLocale::codecForLocale always returns non-null
> Fix overcaching the fallback families list for a requested family
> Simplify QFontDatabase::findFont()
> [QFontDatabase::findFont] Get rid of the refactoring leftovers
> Fix compile error in XCB when XInput version < 2.2
> Update PCRE to 8.37
> cocoa: Do not access the integration instance when shutting down
> Optionally apply orientation on QImage read
> Remove effectless statement.
> remove $INCLUDE/$LIB hack for mingw
> Create contexts and pbuffers with the correct screen in QOpenGLWidget
> Create context with the correct screen in QOpenGLWindow
> Fix the qscreen manual test for separate X screens
> Make the windowcontainer example more robust
> xcb: Skip EGL integration with -no-opengl
> MSVC: Silence compiler warning about INFINITY
> qstandardpaths_ios: allow empty strings to be returned for undefined locations
> ios: change file engine caching logic for loading assets
> Improve QListView scroll bar calculation.
> Use ItemIsUserTristate instead of ItemIsTristate in table & list tests.
> Dont overwrite applicationName if already set.

* qtconnectivity e686b22...193ed20 (3):
> Reduce platform specific code lines
> add remoteName() method to QLowEnergyController
> Bugfix: Bluetooth Le for Android need to close BluetoothGatt

* qtdeclarative 35bb082...30aa0a1 (5):
> QtQuick: Fix const correctness in old style casts
> Create contexts and pbuffers with the correct screen in QQuickWidget
> QML: fix mixed debug/release build on OSX.
> Hide cursor when text fields becomes read only
> Add QtQuick::Text::font.weight enum values

* qtdoc 9393764...b2372d2 (4):
> Doc: Link to Qt Visual Studio Add-in documentation
> Doc: Update Qt Modules page and related information
> Doc: Fix missing/broken links in Intro and Whats New pages
> Update deployment information for ffmpegsumo.dll on Windows.

* qtimageformats 4c00a26...8363c85 (1):
> Correctly interpret RGBA tiff images as premultiplied

* qtlocation 8275c4c...ff93ef1 (3):
> Update design in mapviewer example
> Make geoclue plugin compile on RHEL 6.6
> Fix QDeclarativeSearchResultModel error processing.

* qtmultimedia 0761f2d...f61c89a (3):
> Doc: Added a link to the wiki with plugin info.
> Fix texture unit bug in the YUV video node.
> OSX/iOS: Fix volume and mute

* qtqa 88f367c...96360b9 (5):
> Make tst_bic pass with gcc 4.9
> tst_bic: Wrap code determining compiler version in #ifndef QT_NO_PROCESS.
> tst_bic: Use -fPIC instead of -fPIE.
> Improve diagnostics of tst_bic.
> Accept 201 as a return value from Jenkins

* qtquickcontrols a77c680...1f0daa7 (3):
> FontDialog: support more font.weight enum values
> Add support for compiling QML files ahead of time
> Default to non-transient scroll bars in non-mobile environments

* qtserialport da396bc...9177a6c (4):
> Mark the signal QSP::settingsRestoredOnCloseChanged() as deprecated
> Add the missed macro QT_DEPRECATED for QSP::sendBreak()
> Mark the signal QSP::dataErrorPolicyChanged() as deprecated
> Allow to open the device when using the App Sandbox on OSX

* qttools e289ead...5dbd90b (9):
> Qt Designer: Introduce Q_DECL_OVERRIDE.
> Update Qt Designer documentation.
> MacDeployQt: handle "./" in app bundle name
> androiddeployqt: fix possible infinite loop.
> Test the Qt5UiPlugin cmake module with CMake 3.0.
> move ui loader interfaces to own module
> fix exported dependencies of uitools module
> remove extension.h duplicate
> move container.h to sdk/

* qttranslations 1db555d...5f76cba (1):
> Update Finnish translation for 5.5

* qtwayland 77a7900...007d73e (1):
> Fix threaded OpenGL rendering on Mesa and possibly other EGLs

* qtwebengine 76a990c...3b58508 (5):
> Add redirect and error API for custom URL
> Update embedded configuration
> Fix Menu ui delegate after on__MenuClosed has been renamed
> Remove unneeded ResourceContextQt::set_url_request_context_getter
> Reintroduce private browsing mode for example browser

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/111952/ :

Patch Set 5:

* qt3d 2d5f95b...9b96ee9 (1):
> Controls example

* qtbase 66bd144...1ac1ae0 (20):
> QDialogButtonBox: prevent crashes on deletions in slots
> fix ANGLE build with VS2015
> fix wrong path separators in extra compiler commands
> change approach to requesting headers-only modules
> fix (un-)installation for TEMPLATE = aux
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.4 into merge5.5" into refs/staging/5.5
> Add GPU_BLACKLIST support to QTestLib
> Use kqueue on NetBSD in qfilesystemwatcher.
> Tests: Remove EXPECT_FAIL in tst_QWidget::widgetAt()
> ANGLE: Allow Windows Phone to communicate swap region
> winrt: Use ANGLE sub-buffer swap on Windows Phone
> QLineEdit: show the clear button if it gets enabled after setting a text
> QColumnView: re-enable scrolling of the preview widget
> QSizePolicy: improve docs of retainSizeWhenHidden
> Give QSizePolicy its own .cpp
> QStateMachine: allow posting of events when starting.
> QStateMachine: Fix transition ordering.
> ios: Add support for QOpenGLWidget and QQuickWidget
> Make it explicit that a few Qt::WindowFlags are overlapping
> Doc: Fix spelling errors in the QXcbWindowFunctions docs

* qtcanvas3d ab142bd...ea4d771 (3):
> Optimization of isOfType method.
> Removing unneeded example picture.
> Fixes infinite reqursion when calling copyTexSubImage2D.

* qtconnectivity 61341e0...e686b22 (1):
> Bugfix Andoid Bluetooth coreConfiguration data in discoveredDevices

* qtdeclarative d0dc7ce...35bb082 (7):
> qmllint: Fix parsing js files with .import directives
> Add protection against "wrong" marking in debug builds
> Fix memory corruption when sharing QObjects between different QML engines
> Avoid namespacing QTEST_MAIN
> Avoid uninitialized bytes in QV4::CompiledData
> Fix memory corruption in array handling
> Fix memory corruption when multiple QML engines have JavaScript wrappers for the same QObject

* qtlocation 5a9b047...8275c4c (4):
> Allow custom URLs for OSRM routing
> Allow custom URLs for OSM tiles
> Shift generic docs away from planespotter example
> Provide new planespotter example

* qtquickcontrols eac31e0...a77c680 (1):
> doc: document how FileDialog can be used to pick photos on iOS

* qttools a4d77d3...e289ead (1):
> Fix misoverloaded virtual due to recent change in qtdeclarative

* qttranslations b629e33...1db555d (1):
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.4 into 5.5

* qtwayland 144777d...77a7900 (3):
> Reset wayland object pointer after destroy
> Track last input window with a QPointer in case it is destroyed
> Map more XKB key codes

* qtwebengine 8596813...76a990c (1):
> Quick: Share profiles between application windows

https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/111641/ :

Patch Set 9:

* qtactiveqt 51cd3b8...0cef1cc (1):
> QAxWidget: Reverse order of releasing the interfaces.

* qtbase 9ae7e33...66bd144 (39):
> ios: implement Qt::WindowTransparentForInput
> ios: dont autoactivate if _q_showWithoutActivating
> ios: dont accept first responder if Qt::WindowDoesNotAcceptFocus
> ios: factor out authorization check
> ios: add support for fetching entry list in QIOSFileEngineAssetsLibrary
> ios: add fallback in QIOSFileEngineAssetsLibrary for loading assets from ALAssetsGroupPhotoStream
> ios: add helper class for enumerating all available assets
> QSettings: use QStandardPath to resolve path on iOS
> Mark QGraphicsScene::focusNextPrevChild as virtual in Qt 6
> doc: document how QFileDialog can be used to pick photos on iOS
> QTextTable/QTextDocumentLayout: remove dead code
> cocoa: ensure app dont crash when receiving drag from other app
> docs: QFile doesnt support QUrl style qrc paths
> xcb: Fix -no-opengl builds
> Add flip support to QPlatformBackingStore::toTexture()
> ios: report correct file flags for assets directory
> ios: dont report read access to assets if unauthorized access
> ios: resolve m_assetUrl already in QIOSFileEngineAssetsLibrary::setFileName()
> QShapedPixmapWindow: ensure we set a valid geometry
> QShapedPixmapWindow: dont accept input focus
> Clean up API of QPlatformPrintDevice (QPA).
> qdoc: Enable prepare-phase warnings in single-exec mode
> Tests: Remove insignificant for tst_QGraphicsProxyWidget
> rpath: use new DTAGS if available
> TestCase: Also check main source path when looking for test data
> Revert change of NOTHROW to NOEXCEPT
> qstandardpaths_ios: return empty path for ApplicationsLocation
> qstandardpaths_ios: use fallback for DesktopLocation
> qstandardpaths_ios: return writable locations for Fonts, Music, Movies, Pictures and Download
> winrt: properly retrieve font writing systems from unicode ranges
> Make data tables const.
> QGraphicsWidget: call normal "setParent" when setting a parent
> Add Q_REQUIRED_RESULT in several places
> QQuaternion: prepare isNull(), isIdentity() for constexprification
> qstatemachine: add methods detect when a machine has processed an event
> QStateMachine: add internal transitions.
> QStateMachine: cache expensive calculations.
> Add noexcept to move constructors and assignment operators
> Fix undefined behavior in left-shifting into negative

* qtcanvas3d 819567f...ab142bd (1):
> Fixes example placement in builds.

* qtconnectivity de21bd7...61341e0 (3):
> iOS: make QtBluetooth compile
> Merge branch 5.4 into 5.5
> Add detection for running Bluez 4 daemon * qtdeclarative b999aaa...d0dc7ce (8):
> BorderImage support for @2x assets
> Enhance QQuickFramebufferObject docs regarding the state
> QQuickWindow: Replace assert() on unreleased touch points by warning.
> Fix qml-i18n example
> Fix implicitHeight for Text items bindings dependent on implicitWidth.
> Merge "Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.4 into 5.5" into refs/staging/5.5
> Avoid QQuickItem in materialss compare() on the render thread
> Fix default value for XMLHttpRequest.response property

* qtdoc 20b037a...9393764 (1):
> Doc: Updated Whats New in Qt 5.5 page

* qtimageformats 5b1a331...4c00a26 (1):
> Clean up reading TIFF headers

* qtlocation a1bab0f...5a9b047 (10):
> Clean up QGeoCameraTiles
> Remove movementStopped from QDeclarativeGeoMapGestureArea
> Change visibility of updateSceneGraph in QGeoMap
> Fixes PIMPL in QGeoTiledMap.
> Cleanup QGeoTileMap code.
> Merge remote-tracking branch gerrit/5.4 into 5.5
> Set shorter name for class names with MapData
> Fix PIMPL in QGeoMap.
> Remove QGeoMapData class.
> Cleanup QGeoMapData code.

* qtmultimedia fe13f5b...0761f2d (2):
> Update license header in qmlvideofx example.
> Merge remote-tracking branch origin/5.4 into 5.5

* qtqa 42a07eb...88f367c (1):
> tst_bic: Rewrite README.

* qtquickcontrols 90863d8...eac31e0 (2):
> Add support for compiling QtQuick Dialogs ahead of time
> Tests: Remove redundant calls to destroy()

* qttools c401dd9...a4d77d3 (4):
> windeployqt: Additionally check on Qt5WebKit[d].dll for ICU dependency.
> winrtrunner: Remove the app when stopping on Windows Phone
> winrtrunner: Remove Xap engine
> androiddeployqt: Use correct package name when uninstalling

* qttranslations 3c214cd...b629e33 (1):
> Catalan translation for Qt 5.5

* qtwayland 6dc52bb...144777d (1):
> Fix crash on keyboard remove

* qtwebengine 3da7df9...8596813 (3):
> Improve thread safety and behavior of custom URL requests
> Add documentation of Custom URL requests
> Fix crash when updating a storage context with active requests

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