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mark diener rpzrpzrpz at gmail.com
Sat May 23 19:20:23 CEST 2015


I came across a use case where I wanted to return a QAbstractListModel from
a Q_INVOKABLE in a C++ QObject based class.

The explicit constructor for QAbstractListModel requires a construction of
these classes that forces the Q_INVOKABLE to return a pointer to the List
Model instance.

I imagine the explicit constructor suppresses a lot of careless bugs.

But this usage is not currently possible:

Q_INVOKABLE MyQAbstractListModel* getmodel(void)


   return (&gmodel) ;


The QML engine is a bit confused by receiving a pointer to the model
instead of the entire model itself.

QML Output:

qrc:/main.qml:48: Error: Unknown method return type: MyQAbstractListModel*

Maybe someone on the dev list has an idea on how to return a pointer to a
model from Q_INVOKABLE or maybe someone doing current builds can add a
AbstractListModel pointer to the known set or method return types in the
framework for Qt 5.5.x

Anybody's comments appreciated...

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