[Development] [CPackIFW] Adding QtIFW 2.0 Support (Technical Preview)

Konstantin Podsvirov konstantin at podsvirov.pro
Fri May 29 09:18:07 CEST 2015

Online repository updated! Meet CMake 3.2.20150529 :-)

Online installers for Linux and Windows are available at the links below.

> On 29.04.2015, 16:57, "Konstantin Podsvirov" <konstantin at podsvirov.pro>:
>> Two installer collected in Debian 8:
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/cmake-master-i386-online.run
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/cmake-master-amd64-online.run
>> Installer And two collected in Windows 7:
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/cmake-master-win32-online.exe
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/cmake-master-win64-online.exe
>> The presented version of CMake (CPackIFW) already know how to work with QtIFW 2.0 but not in full.
>> I would like to know from users CPackIFW and QtIFW what functionality demanded in the first place.
>> Suggest we discuss the quality of the generated configuration files.
>> Also available documentation:
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/doc/sphinx
>> http://ifw.podsvirov.pro/cmake/doc/doxygen

Code was included in master branch and will be officially presented in CMake 3.3


[cmake-developers] CMake 3.3 feature freeze on 2015-06-01:

All anyone wants to try, but are too lazy to collect can use the development versions:

Or try/be updated with the above installers :-)

Konstantin Podsvirov
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