[Development] Imageformats v2

Иван Комиссаров abbapoh at gmail.com
Fri May 29 12:18:55 CEST 2015

Another experiment. I've added separate classes for CubeTexture and

The idea for Cube texture is an ablitity to create from/convet to different
projections, scaling + sanity checks for the same format/size of the sides.
VolumeTexture (aka Image3d) can provide per-pixel access,
scaling/transformation and other QImage stuff (fill, copy and so on).
VolumeTexture can be used for softwaer creation of such textures; they can
be used to store/modify some 3d data (from MRI scanner, dunno).

2015-05-22 12:48 GMT+03:00 Иван Комиссаров <abbapoh at gmail.com>:

> For now, i moved mipmaps into ImageResource
> + the Document is just an array of resources now (with 1 element for jpeg,
> png, ico, icns; multiple for gif)
> + in the simplest case (jpeg, png) Document has 1 Resource with 1 image in
> it.
> + in the case of icns/ico Resource is a 1d array of mipmaps
> - in the complex case of DDS Resource is a 2D array. Well, DDS is complex
> itself:))
> - reading DDS is a bit weird - we can't read parts of document separately
> as Mipmaps are on the top level.
> + still, we can read Gif incrementally
> Code is located in mipmaps branch
> https://github.com/ABBAPOH/imagedocument/blob/mipmaps/src/lib/imageresource.h
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