[Development] QStandardPaths::writableLocation() on OSX in test mode

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On Wednesday November 11 2015 15:32:20 Petroules Jake wrote:

No, there is only one location so it must remain /Applications as expected by anyone on the OS X platform.

I don't understand, what do you mean with "there is only one location"?

I mean the API returns a single value, not a list. However, READable locations will return a list containing both $HOME/Applications and /Applications

It is also expected that regular users do not have write permissions in /Applications or similar system locations, so some compromise must be found IMHO.

That won't apply, I refactored QSP recently in dev branch to drop the dependency on deprecated Carbon APIs. That font dirs problem should be fixed already, however.

It still applies in 5.5.0 . In what version is that refactored code expected to land? The next 5.5 release already?

5.7 I think. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/122044/


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