[Development] Contribution: Windows Stock Icons

Frank Richter frank.richter at gmail.com
Sat Nov 14 14:03:49 CET 2015

Hello everybody,
I made some (non-trivial) changes to the Windows stock icon implementation.
The goals were
1. Use public/"modern" APIs as much as possible to obtain the icons.
2. Make the various different resolutions stock icons are provided in
available to Qt.

For the first goal I changed to code to use SHGetStockIconInfo as much as
possible and shell item icons for some other icons; hardcoded resource IDs
and the legacy IDI_ icons are only used as a last resort. (It's worth
mentioning that the IDI_ icons will only return "Windows 7" style icons;
for the new Windows 8 icons you need to use SHGetStockIconInfo.

For the second goal I added an icon engine that looks at some raw icon
resource data to load all available sizes. To expose all those sizes I
added a platform theme method to return an icon engine for a stock icon.

Of course I'd very much like to see this make it; however, I think that
before starting to submit individual patches for review maybe a bit of
"approach review" might be a good idea.
* Are these changes desireable?
* What do you think of returning icon engines from the platform theme?
* And what about the more bare-metal icon loading?

For the time being I uploaded the changes (in order of evolving
implementation) to github:

Looking forward to your feedback,
- Frank
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