[Development] About qfilesystemwatcher: what events?

Stef Bon stefbon at gmail.com
Mon Nov 30 17:51:35 CET 2015


I will look into it.

Do I have to checkout the qt source
as described here:


Futher is there a projectpage? (to see the current issues)

And is the ability to forward a watch to a network filesystem included?
Please let me explain. I've been digging for some time now why fs
notify methods do not work with filesystems like cifs, nfs and fuse.
This is because the backend (or server) is possibly shared with
others, which cannot be monitored by the VFS self.

I've been looking at the ability to patch the Linux kernel (patching
fsnotify, and let the filesystem "know: a watch has been set, and act
on that), and notify
the kernel when something changes.

I had this working for FUSE, but I think it's too complicated and
won't make it in the mainstream.
I had another option, and that is to that in userspace. Simply put:
when a watch is set on a filesystem, qfilesystemwatcher contacts the
filesystem via a socket, and sends
a message to inform the fs that a watch is set.
Required is some service/daemon that is doing all the fsnotify for
applications (like fam in the past did).

Stef Bon
the Netherlands

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