[Development] Qt-Project misrepresented on qt.io

Olivier Goffart olivier at woboq.com
Tue Apr 19 12:50:20 CEST 2016


I feel that with the unification, there is less and less visibility of the Qt 
open source project:
The qt.io home page contains no information that Qt is open source and 
contains contributions from the community;
The "Developers" section, to which http://qt-project.org redirects, mostly 
contains information for developers using Qt, (and more than half seems to be 
marketing targeted for people not yet using Qt) and only a very small 
paragraph near the end seems somehow targeted to contributors;
Any links or aggregation to planetqt seems gone. Planet Qt is supposed to be 
an aggregation of the blogs of Qt contributors.

It was much better in 2015 where the developers page contained information for 

I think there should be a "Contributors" section from qt.io  where qt-
project.org would redirect. And which would have links useful for 
contributors, including links and aggregation of planet qt.

I acknowledge that The Qt Company is by far the biggest contributor to Qt. And 
that because of the CLA, they have no obligation whatsoever.
But I just feel it's not fair to hide the open source nature of Qt and the 
open source contribution completely from qt.io. When the unification was 
announced, it was said that the open source qt-project would continue to be 
represented, but i just feel it's no longer the case with the new website.


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