[Development] git 5.8.0 build failure with vs 2017 rc error C3615: constexpr function 'QAlgorithmsPrivate::qt_builtin_ctz' cannot result in a constant exp ression

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Dec 6 17:39:48 CET 2016

On terça-feira, 6 de dezembro de 2016 15:53:37 PST Gunnar Roth wrote:
> Hi Thiago,
> now  I get confused.
> >That's not enough. You need to
> >cd qtbase && git checkout 5.8.0
> When I do this I get the old code which does  not compile.
> Doing cd qtbase && git checkout 5.8 gives me the new code

There are two branches: 5.8.0 and 5.8 (which will be 5.8.1). I'm not sure 
which one contains the fix, as I don't think we're considering MSVC 2017 as a 
priority platform. I can tell you 5.8 will have the fix, eventually, but it may 
not have it now.

You're telling me that the fixes landed in 5.8 only. That's not unexpected.

> >Possibly pull every now and again in there. If you need to be in the
> >bleeding edge, git submodule update is the wrong tool.
> So what is the right tool? Why is is mentioned in the qt5 wiki Building from
> git? I also have seen that I didnt get qtvirtualkeyboard just an empty
> directory. using perl init-repository --module-subset=qtvirtualkeyboard -f
> i get it it, but also message that the other folder are removed.
> doing

I do:

git fetch --recurse-submodules=yes
git submodule foreach git rebase

(this is after setting each submodule on the 5.8 branch, or dev branch, or 
whichever it may be I am working on)

As I said, this is the most bleeding edge (for a given branch). It means 
you'll be ahead of qt5.git, which is what was last guaranteed to compile and 
pass all tests. So by choosing to go to the bleeding edge, you may face issues 
that still need correcting.

> But how is it supposed to work? How do I get the code which will become  the
> release candidate? Do I need to wait for a label?

Here's the thing: you are getting it with git submodule update. You'll just 
get it slightly later than what the command above gives you.

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