[Development] Proposal to adjust release candidate process

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Thu Dec 22 14:08:30 CET 2016


Op 22/12/2016 om 13:54 schreef Tuukka Turunen:
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>>> On 22 Dec 2016, at 08:09, Maurice Kalinowski <Maurice.Kalinowski at qt.io>
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>>> Hence,
>>> Technology Preview
>>> Preview
>>> Release Preview
>>> Release Candidate
>>> Release
>> Tech Preview is so far the term for a module which is released but we
>> reserve the right to continue making API changes anyway, right?  So changing
>> that might be confusing.
>> And besides, alpha and beta are traditional and well understood.  (Following
>> that pattern though, I guess we ought to call the RC a “gamma”, but that’s
>> not traditional for some reason.)
> :)
> If we do not want to call the first development release from the release branch "Release Candidate 1", then I think calling it "Release Preview" is a good approach.
At least _somebody_ at the Qt Project still has the normal order of 
release names clear: https://twitter.com/qtproject/status/811905487600046081



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