[Development] Proposal for "container-oriented deterministic memory manager"

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Mon Dec 26 22:45:15 CET 2016

Em segunda-feira, 26 de dezembro de 2016, às 11:13:59 BRST, Phil Bouchard 
> On 12/26/2016 10:52 AM, Phil Bouchard wrote:
> > On 12/26/2016 06:43 AM, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> >> So you cannot tell us if Blink is faster on the same CPU as you tested
> >> WebKit?
> > 
> > Well there's WebKit, WebKit2, Blink, WebKit for Wayland but I can't
> > share the results of the benchmarks.  The renderer differs so some are
> > faster but the bottom line is they all use a mark and sweep GC running
> > in a different thread.
> The point of this thread is not to promote renderers but if you are
> interested to know more then one of you will have to contact my superior
> by sending me a private message.

I don't think that's necessary and it's also out of scope. We were talking 
about QML (non-graphical) performance, so renderers do not come into account. 
We want a faster memory manager.

Do you have any papers that show the advantage of the different possibilities? 
On modern CPU architectures.

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