[Development] Qt3d: Scene32d framebuffer size

Łukasz Korbel lkorbel at milosolutions.com
Wed Jan 20 16:47:34 CET 2016


I'm not sure of the source of problem so first quick introduction:

1. I want to set Camera properly to show object in Scene3d which is smaller
then QWindow.
2. I want to make proper mapping between qml view 2d coordinates and scene
3d coordinates (for example place some 3d object at location pointed by
mouse click).

I've solved those two issue in example qml code attached to the message.
This example lead to my actual question:

It looks like Scene3d frame buffer is somehow bound to dimension of
QWindow. So If I set Scene3d to be smaller it shows only fragment of
framebuffer. More precisely its part cut from left-bottom corner of buffer
matching scene size. Does it expected behaviour for this class? It leads to
few "funny", additional computations in order to set camera properly.

If I making some mistake by mentioning frame bufffer in this context then I
apologize. Still hope that my example explains what is a problem. I guess
it is worth discussing with someone involved in development and maybe its
not a bug, so I've raised topic here.


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