[Development] v5.6.1-1 tag should have been v5.6.2

Simon Hausmann Simon.Hausmann at qt.io
Wed Jun 22 07:29:35 CEST 2016


As an advocate of the -1 release I can elaborate on what I thought was a series of convincing reasons.

The problem: The bug affects a surprisingly large number of Qt Quick applications. People not using Qt Quick are not affected.

The objective: Get just that one fix for qtdeclarative into the hands of our users as quickly as possible.

Approach 1: Roll 5.6.2 by branching 5.6 into 5.6.2. That will bring in a lot more changes into the release and certainly requires a broad testing effort. That is in contrary to the goal of getting a fix into the hands of the users quickly.

Approach 2: Branch 5.6.2 off of 5.6.1, bump the version  qglobal.h etc. to 5.6.2 but just include the one fix in qtdeclarative. That is a better approach IMO, but it still means a full rebuild of all modules. It's faster than (1) but not as quick as (3).

Approach 3: Include the one declarative fix in 5.6.1, create a new tag and rebuild declarative and all the modules that depend on it. That is the quickest way of getting the release into the hands of the users (qtbase was not rebuilt nor any other module not depending in declarative). We had binaries ready for testing in under 24 hours. Note: When I wrote "rebuilt" I mean re-compile and also re-run the auto-tests. With a big module like qtbase you this can take a few iterations. And once qtbase changes all depending modules undergo the same.

So when you say that there was no "reason" I disagree. I think there were reasons and I was one of the people in favor of (3) that implies a -1 suffix.


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There's no reason to invent new naming schemes.

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