[Development] Supported platforms for Qt 5.8

André Somers andre at familiesomers.nl
Wed Mar 2 21:28:24 CET 2016

Op 20/02/2016 om 08:38 schreef Petroules Jake:
> "Continue" with iOS 7? It's currently iOS 6 in both 5.7 and dev 
> branches. However, I wholeheartedly approve bumping it to 7.
> This puts us at a minimum of "last four releases" (by the time 5.8 is 
> released) for both OS X and iOS. However I'd argue that iOS's schedule 
> should be treated a little more aggressively given its extremely fast 
> upgrade cycle compared to all other platforms.
> As of February 8th, 2016, the iOS version distribution (as measured by 
> Apple - https://developer.apple.com/support/app-store/) is as follows:
> - iOS 9 - 77%
> - iOS 8 - 17%
> - iOS 7 and earlier - 6%
> By the time Qt 5.8 is released, iOS 10 will have just been released 
> and iOS 8's market share will almost certainly less than 5%, as iOS 
> 7's is now. In that case is there really much point supporting iOS 7 
> (or even 8)?
> iOS 8 was one of the biggest releases API-wise and so we would be able 
> to reduce effort significantly by dropping v7. The current version of 
> Xcode also provides no simulators for iOS prior to 8.1.

Hmm... That would be annoying. iOS 7 is the last version supported on 
the iPhone 4 (which I am still using). To me, it doesn't even feel that old.
Here is the list of devices that will be left behind for each version 
you bumb: 


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