[Development] templated QObjects [was: Re: We are planning to upgrade qdoc to use clang for parsing C++]

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Wed Mar 2 22:43:39 CET 2016

On quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016 22:34:16 PST Milian Wolff wrote:
> On Mittwoch, 2. März 2016 12:59:30 CET Thiago Macieira wrote:
> > On quarta-feira, 2 de março de 2016 20:59:41 PST Milian Wolff wrote:
> > > Hey Thiago,
> > > 
> > > what is "the runtime merging problem on Windows"?
> > 
> > Ever heard of the dynamic_cast problem on Windows? It's the same.
> Great, thanks a lot for this insightful write-up!
> So, do you -2 a templated QObject then for these reasons? 

I'm not against the principle. I am against the implementation details, as 
Olivier's current commit has.

In the course of this thread, we came up with workable solutions I wouldn't 
object to. I don't like them, I find that they are limited and will bite people 
in the back, but they don't have fatal flaws.

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