[Development] Qt 5.6.0 (final) packages available

Sune Vuorela nospam at vuorela.dk
Tue Mar 15 07:35:03 CET 2016

> TBUG-51676 seems to be p2 and so on cannot block the release. It also have been open a while without anyone indicating it should be fixed before releasing so I wouldn't block the release because of this at this point anymore. I think adding this in known issues page (https://wiki.qt.io/Qt_5.6.0_Known_Issues) & fixing this in 5.6.1 should be ok even this is regression issue 

If it is reliably deadlocking on launch of KDE Desktop, then P2 is too

What the KDE people does with Qt is one of the biggest public show-offs
of what can be done with Qt technoloy. We should not undermine that.

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