[Development] Qt Coding Guidelines

Koehne Kai Kai.Koehne at theqtcompany.com
Fri Mar 18 11:46:41 CET 2016

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> It remains that this document is expected to be quite stable, so there would
> be some sense to having a stable URL to which we routinely copy the new
> version once a change to the source has been accepted.  The effort involved
> would be minor, I must suppose.

We'd avoid this problem if we put it into a repository that doesn't follow the Qt branching model. If things change for specific Qt versions, that should be noted explicitly in the documentation.

So far following locations have been proposed:


I dislike qtbase.git, just because getting stuff in there is so much work. Lars suggested qtdoc.git because much of the general documentation is there, but it follows the branching model. So I'm personally leaning to either qtqa.git or qt5.git directly.



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