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On Friday, March 18, 2016 10:46:41 AM Koehne Kai wrote:
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> > It remains that this document is expected to be quite stable, so there
> > would be some sense to having a stable URL to which we routinely copy the
> > new version once a change to the source has been accepted.  The effort
> > involved would be minor, I must suppose.
> We'd avoid this problem if we put it into a repository that doesn't follow
> the Qt branching model. If things change for specific Qt versions, that
> should be noted explicitly in the documentation.
> So far following locations have been proposed:
> qtbase.git
> qtdoc.git
> qtqa.git
> qt5.git
> I dislike qtbase.git, just because getting stuff in there is so much work.
> Lars suggested qtdoc.git because much of the general documentation is
> there, but it follows the branching model. So I'm personally leaning to
> either qtqa.git or qt5.git directly.

Note that there are two diferent types of documentation in this thread:

- "C++11 features we can/should use in Qt"
- "code formatting style and such"

For the C++11 features doc we definitely want it pegged to a branch, so when 
you checkout qtbase 5.X you know what you can use.

For the code style doc I guess you're right, since it's orthogonal to 

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