[Development] Problems with QtWebKit 5.6 / Please do not remove QtWebkit from 5.6 official binaries

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sun Mar 20 18:52:16 CET 2016

Jan Kundrát wrote:

> Anyway, this is just another anecdote that it was actually pretty easy to
> get QtWebKit from the 5.6 branch (on Linux, though).

Great, so if and when I get around to repeating all this on a Linux host it 
should be easy as cake...

Anyway, I've been suspicious at the fact that the WebKit.pro qmake parsing shows 
that the process picks up the presence of X11 headers on my system (and thus 
glx). I'm repeating the build that succeeded earlier today (comparable with 
yours, i.e. qtwebkit alongside qtbase and all the other components). We'll see 
if it succeeds again, but I can already confirm that this build also picked up 
the presence of X11. Maybe that confuses the build system somewhere, unless it's 
invoked from the Makefile created by configure.


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