[Development] Problems with QtWebKit 5.6 / Please do not remove QtWebkit from 5.6 official binaries

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 16:24:04 CET 2016

Konstantin Tokarev wrote:

>> So how am I supposed to invoke generate-forwarding-headers.pl ?
> No, it should be execute as a part of build process

So, it is as I feared. When I execute qmake and then make manually from a 
terminal generate-forwarding-headers.pl is called as it apparently should.

When I do the same calls from the build/packaging scripts called through the 
"port" command, generate-forwarding-headers.pl is NOT called.

What difference can explain this? Can it something that's set (or not set) in 
the environment that causes the corresponding fwheader_generator target to be 

I see there's one difference I still need to address : the build scripts call 
qmake with the -r option. Could that be the explanation? (I'll have my own 
answer in about 50 minutes at best ...)


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