[Development] [OS X] next Qt 5.6.0 question : Freetype (building with -fontconfig)?

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 17:59:28 CET 2016

Allan Sandfeld Jensen wrote:

> If the right one is freetype, it looks like it didn't disable font gamma-

It is.

> correction. We usually disable that when using freetype, since they don't have
> stem darkening, and thus gets must paler text-colors when fonts are
> antialiased.

Do you disable it in the Freetype code, or in the Freetype fontengine?

This snap was made with Freetype 2.6.2 with Bohoomil's Infinality patches. It is 
not impossible that part of the paler colour is due to the fact that optimal 
rendering with Infinality is obtained through dedicated fontconfig profiles, and 
from what I understand there's no support for those yet in the cocoa QPA.

Infinality sets INFINALITY_FT_GAMMA_CORRECTION="0 100" by default, if that means 
anything to you.


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