[Development] C++11 initializer lists in Qt 5.7

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Tue Mar 22 12:03:37 CET 2016

On terça-feira, 22 de março de 2016 12:00:35 GMT Marc Mutz wrote:
> The same old problem:
> std::_1::initializer_list vs. std:.initializer_list ? Or is 
> std::initializer_list one of those types (like std::exception) compatible 
> between libc++ and libstdc++?

Good question. The layout of std::initializer_list is mandated by the compiler 
ABI. But the actual type name does not necessarily have to be...

Checking libc++ sources...

namespace std  // purposefully not versioned


template<class _Ep>
class _LIBCPP_TYPE_VIS_ONLY initializer_list

There you go, the name is the same too (St16initializer_list). Very likely, 
this is required by the compilers themselves.

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