[Development] Cannot compile Qt 5.7 alpha with MSVC 2013/2015

Thiago Macieira thiago.macieira at intel.com
Thu Mar 24 17:13:50 CET 2016

On quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2016 11:34:50 PDT Cheng, Bobber wrote:
> The issue went away once I installed MSVC 2013 update 5. However, I still
> get lots of encode error like:
> ..\..\corelib\tools\qstring.cpp(1650) : warning C4819: The file contains a
> character that cannot be represented in the current code page (936). Save
> the file in
> Unicode format to prevent data loss.

I've never seen that error before. Can you tell us what's on that line for 

The current line 1650 in oigin/5.7 is in the middle of a comment and is US-
ASCII only

0000000                   e   x   t   e   n   d   e   d       t   o    
0000020   m   a   k   e       i   t       \   a       s   i   z   e    
0000040   c   h   a   r   a   c   t   e   r   s       l   o   n   g    
0000060   w   i   t   h       t   h   e       e   x   t   r   a  \n

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