[Development] Should the system proxies default setting be switched to true?

Andy Shaw andy.shaw at qt.io
Wed May 11 15:50:50 CEST 2016

For some time now we have had the means to configure Qt to use system proxies so that they are on by default or to turn it on via QNetworkProxyFactory. However, this is off by default so it is becoming a reoccurrence that people don't realise that it is not using the system proxies until later on. Potentially not until after a product has been released.

The reasoning that this was not done before was due to the fact that there was a problem on Windows with it taking too long in some cases to get the information. However this seems to be solved for the most part and expected in some cases due to the fact that it is down to the system, but it is just an initial start up check in this case.

That said, does anyone see any problems with switching it so that we can now have it turned on by default from Qt 5.8? Naturally the configure option would stay so people can still turn it off if they wish.

For reference the original thread about this can be found:



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