[Development] Notes on QtCore session @ QCS2016

Giuseppe D'Angelo giuseppe.dangelo at kdab.com
Mon Sep 5 19:00:40 CEST 2016

Random comments:

Il 02/09/2016 17:01, Thiago Macieira ha scritto:
> https://wiki.qt.io/QtCS2016_QtCore
> * Deprecation of APIs
>     * qrand/qsrand -> replacement is Standard Library or your own

Unfortunately there's no replacement for a thread safe, easy to use,
deterministic, low quality random number generator. std::rand is not
thread safe and the whole random API is not exactly user friendly...

> * QStringView & QByteArrayView
>     * Deprecate QStringRef
>     * Not QArrayView: discuss later

IOW: the views will have the full blown QByteArray/QString API on them?

> * allocator for QObject
>     * custom operator new()
>     * might conflict with combined moc space savings
>         * which conflicts with includemoc for Clang warnings

It would be interesting to know how all the problems with custom
operator new()s have been solved by this approach (for instance, how
does this handle objects created in one shared object and destroyed in

> * Metaobject improvements for QML
>     * make separate session
> * Animation framework, item models & statemachine
>     * Move out of QtCore in Qt 6
>     * MIME type too?
> * C++11 Standard Library compatibility list
>     * no volunteers yet

Is this a matter of converting this documented into qdoc?


> * C++ ABI
>     * libstdc++ still breaking compatibility in std::function
>     * not now, revisit in a year or two

There hasn't been time to discuss this at QtCon, but I'd say we should
not spend another year before revisiting this at the next QtCS: do we
really care about C++ ABI compatibility? What other C++ libraries are
doing this? Do users really expect to swap out standard library
implementations without the need of recompiling libraries and
applications that use them? Or is it an artificial problem we're
imposing on ourselves?

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