[Development] [root_ptr] GC + Automatic Reference Counting

Phil Bouchard philippeb8 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 11 00:46:10 CET 2017


To go back on the main subject, it came to my attention that Apple is 
using mostly "Automatic Reference Counting" since 2011:

The good news is it's not using the GC which makes the OS hangs once in 
a while but the bad news is it still suffers from cyclic references 
which I don't think is acceptable for the software industry nowadays. 
This means the Apple OS leaks.

root_ptr clearly stands apart, hands down.  I just did my research 
regarding all aspects, objectively, in order to mold the best memory 
manager ever and I welcome any objection.  I am also glad the 
boost::fast_pool_allocator does such a great job in the user space.


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