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J-P Nurmi jpnurmi at qt.io
Sat Jan 14 17:06:39 CET 2017


Nice, looks great! It would be a very welcome contribution. We could polish and add the missing bits in the WIP branch if you’re interested? I haven’t thought about the exact details and requirements for SortFilterProxyModel yet, but we probably need to support multiple model columns. The plan is to make the new TableView support both, “proper” table models with multiple columns, and the old way of (ab)using roles as columns. :)

J-P Nurmi

On 14 Jan 2017, at 14:06, Pierre-Yves Siret <py.siret at gmail.com<mailto:py.siret at gmail.com>> wrote:

I started implementing SortFilterProxyModel cause we needed it and published it here : https://github.com/oKcerG/SortFilterProxyModel
For the moment it is not really documented or tested enough.
I left it kinda alone for the past couple months but I plan to do more work on it, documenting, testing, adding some features and doing some refactoring.
I also wanted to nominate it as a TP for 5.10.
I guess it needs to be reworked before a potential inclusion in Qt (pimpl, using private headers from QAIM and ItemViews, etc.).

I think what's interesting in my library is the ability to have multiple filters and sorters declaratively (as shown in the 2nd more advanced usecase of the readme), I also have a branch that I haven't pushed yet where you could define new roles defined from existing source roles.

Where you thinking of that for the SortFilterProxyModel you wanted ?

One of the shortcoming of my SFPM is that it is not really meant to be used for multiple columns, only roles, and it doesn't support tree models.

Pierre-Yves Siret

2017-01-14 13:37 GMT+01:00 J-P Nurmi <jpnurmi at qt.io<mailto:jpnurmi at qt.io>>:

I'd like to request a WIP branch for the Qt Quick item views. There are plenty of items on the roadmap/wishlist:

- refactor QQuickItemView
  - add support for multiple delegate types (QTBUG-26681)
  - add support for multi-selection
  - add support for multiple columns
- implement TableView (QTBUG-51710)
- implement HeaderView
- implement SortFilterProxyModel
- productize TreeModelAdaptor (QTBUG-54390)

Early feedback from the CI system would be invaluable.

J-P Nurmi

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