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Laszlo Agocs laszlo.agocs at qt.io
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Ok. Adding support for ETC1/2 in PKM containers may be useful too (Qt 3D should have some code for it IIRC), but that can be added later.



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Il 20/01/2017 09:25, Laszlo Agocs ha scritto:
> This would bring the benefit of potential reuse in the Quick (Image
> element) compressed texture support, once that materializes at some
> point in the future.
> Are ETC1 and ETC2 included? They would be fairly important as well.

Yes, but only because .ktx files can store textured compressed in those
formats. That is: the idea is to be able to load texture files, the
format of the texture stored inside those files depends just on the
limitations of the container. .ktx can store textures in any internal
format supported by OpenGL, .dds is more D3D oriented, yet we can
support a huge degree of it.

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