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Laszlo Agocs laszlo.agocs at qt.io
Fri Jan 20 11:14:37 CET 2017

Hmm right. Could be that it is less relevant today. Android's etc1tool only did PKM but perhaps that is not so interesting anymore with the advent of ETC2.



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Il 20/01/2017 11:05, Laszlo Agocs ha scritto:
> Ok. Adding support for ETC1/2 in PKM containers may be useful too (Qt 3D
> should have some code for it IIRC), but that can be added later.

Is there anyone using those containers? Last time I checked I had a very
hard time finding specifications for them (I think they were hosted on
some Ericsson website that went offline). Also usually tools that can
compress in ETC1/2 can write in KTX.

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