[Development] qt5.8 : configuring the use of PulseAudio and/or GStreamer

René J. V. Bertin rjvbertin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 21 16:47:52 CET 2017

Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:

> that makes just no sense whatsoever. the command line options are
> declared in a separate section near the top of the file, and there is no

That's what I had been thinking all the time too. It's only when you draw my 
attention to config_help.txt and saw the "unix only" remark that I had the idea 
to scout configure.json for something that could limit the pulseaudio option to 
unix. Edit: I hadn't actually checked supprt for -[no-]gstreamer before; it 
turned out this option *does* exist on Mac, so I knew to search for a difference 
in the handling of pulseaudio and gstreamer.

There is another reason why this shouldn't make sense: config.unix should be true 
on Mac.

> feedback to them from the features. if the effect you're describing is
> genuine, there is something seriously screwed up in the qmake internals;
> you may get useful reports from valgrind or asan.

I can try valgrind, but finding something useful among the big load of output 
isn't going to be trivial.
It should be a lot more straightforward for you to check if you can reproduce 
the effect. Could this be a side-effect of some kind of interaction with other 
things in the configure.json file?

>> > to verify whether it's specific to the module, also try
>> > -no-qml-interpreter to see whether it works for qtdeclarative.
>> Works.
> ok, so the system as such is functional.

Yes, it would appear so.
I should check to see what happens when I introduce the line I removed in this 
option, to see if that has any effect.


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