[Development] qt5.8 : configuring the use of PulseAudio and/or GStreamer

Oswald Buddenhagen oswald.buddenhagen at qt.io
Sat Jan 21 11:31:34 CET 2017

On Fri, Jan 20, 2017 at 09:14:00PM +0100, René J. V. Bertin wrote:
> Oswald Buddenhagen wrote:
> > check whether qtmultimedia/{config_help.txt,configure.json} exist and
> They do.
> > claim support.
> I think I can do better: apparently I have found the culprit. In the Features 
> section of qtmultimedia/src/multimedia/configure.json:
>         "pulseaudio": {
>             "label": "PulseAudio",
>             "autoDetect": "config.unix",
>             "condition": "libs.pulseaudio",
>             "output": [ "feature", "privateFeature" ]
>         },
> Removing the "autoDetect" line solves the issue.
that makes just no sense whatsoever. the command line options are
declared in a separate section near the top of the file, and there is no
feedback to them from the features. if the effect you're describing is
genuine, there is something seriously screwed up in the qmake internals;
you may get useful reports from valgrind or asan.

> As far as I can tell this doesn't interfere with auto-detection on
> Linux (tested with `configure -redo - recheck-all` WITHOUT any
> -pulseaudio option).

> > to verify whether it's specific to the module, also try
> > -no-qml-interpreter to see whether it works for qtdeclarative.
> Works.
ok, so the system as such is functional.

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